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   My Story: 

Listen, I grew up in the Bible Belt South in both a Catholic and Southern Baptist family. Then, I had the nerve to leave both Christian religions for Islam and covered myself for 11 years because of my heart for God. I was taught that if I did this, then I would get that.  This may not be your story but only you will know what your “this” or “that” is related to your womanhood. I don’t blame my parents, the church, the mosque or the society for passing on inaccurate information.  We see the evidence of these inaccuracies in our families, neighbors, friends and maybe, every day in the mirror. NOTE: This journey may be too fertile for a woman who has accepted being barren.

Every woman wants to be loved, appreciated, heard and found “right” in her heartfelt desires.  Yet, we feel wrong all the time. If this is you, most of us were not taught how to open up about sex, money or love.  I can help you with that.  You will be able to have emotionally clean conversations about matters of your heart.  You will be able to connect the dots of how sensual energy is spiritual energy and the purest source of your power.  You will be able to connect the dots of how this energy is directly connected to your financial flow. You will not be alone. The greatest reward I’ve seen change women’s lives is to feel safe and nurtured by women who are re-calibrating also. This journey is about experiencing God (in you, as you and through you) in a different way. You will receive playful yet alchemical activities to support opening energy centers of the body and offer you new access points to re-calibrate your own body, mind and spirit for BLISS!


I answered your questions. So, I have a few questions for you:

  • How many times have you talked yourself out of the very thing you really, really wanted with over-analyzing?

  • Do you want relief from the aching desire to be in a relationship?

  • Do you long for healing from the disappointment of choices that you made, before you knew better?

  • Are you tired of pressing down your sweetest womanly expression because you’ve been in survival mode for so long?

If you’ve followed the rules, asked all the right questions and even sacrificed yourself time and time again, in order to make others happy. You will find your voice in this process. 

“Pleasure is not limited to sex. Pleasure is making love with The World, Your world!” ~TaylorMade

Juicy Testimonials from The Alum:

Wives, Business Owners, Clergy Authors, Mothers and Single-Ready-To-Mingle took a step toward their Juicy Desires, are also known as a JUICY BUTTERFLY.

Here’s what they said:

“This weekend was so powerful for me! First I held a funeral for old self. She was tired and ready to be released. I honored and celebrated her. I thanked her for the lessons learned. It was a private funeral — my husband and I. As I released her into the water, I felt lighter. I released some tears and as I did that my husband said something so powerful. He said: “The tide is high today. As you released the old you and all of the stuff, the tide will carry it out, never to return again.” It was such a moment for me with him. Then, we celebrated all night – hehehehehe!  Oh yes – I am in the flow of money also — LOL!!!” ~ Sandra Chaney, Minister – Transformation Lifestyle Center

“So many Aha moments. I recognize that many of my sisters had encountered my issues. I realized that I was not alone. My magical moment with my husband in Atlanta. That weekend allowed me to be me and love it. He engaged the moment as I carried him to a new place, in a lady like gentleness. The magic was in loving sharing. Juicy spirit is my safe place of freedom  of expression. My sisters are my life support to my growth as I share in this world. I love Juicy SPIRIT!…My Husband has no desire for it to be over!” ~ Dr. T. Estell, Pastor – Florida

“I was so intrigued with the idea that I could connect to God through the discovery of my sacred self – even through my sensuality; that I could manifest all that I desire in this life, heal and become whole. Aha’s?  That I have been holding on to so much pain and it has been blocking my path to God, my purpose and abundance in my life. Even during this session, I realized that I need to commit to the betterment of ME – not let the world distract me from becoming all that God has planned for my life.  Being a woman/goddess is so powerful – everything that I need is within me – I just have to tap into it and let my juice flow.” ~ M. Sadler – Business Development Expert 

If this resonates, imagine the UPGRADES! 

  (Live in POSSIBILITY, rather than limitation.)


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