Welcome to ReBirth International! We are a first-class life-management company providing education and personal development to individuals, groups, teams and organizations seeking build and implement a NEW VISION. In other words, ReBirth is NOT entertainment or commercial motivational hype! Real Transformation happens here!

While ReBirth is Spirit driven, we are honor the diversity of the workplace, culture and community. We are committed to build a platform of non-judgmental compassion for all people, races and creeds in order to create a “safe place”, where people can reinvent and reposition the vision.


Our services reach, what is commonly known as the high achievers,  who are successful by most common standards, yet seeking to unveil another aspect of self. This includes performance based teams ready to integrate performance and performers for increased retention, work-life balance and productivity.


Using proven coaching techniques, interactive sessions and integrated professional development, that meets people where they and move them to where they envision or beyond it!

ReBirth Programs encourages audiences to live on Purpose and Re-Position Yourself in Matters of The Heart or Business. ReBirth by La Tonia Taylor delivers a 360 Degree Quantum Strategy via articles, books, tele-conferences, radio/virtual coaching and numerous workshops and retreats. With a tool chest of non-traditional modalities, our services produce critical thinking, introspection and most importantly accountability and responsibility.



“Turning Blind-Spots into Breakthrough”!